Focus Graphite inc. Rocks toward new highs.

focus graphite

Last Friday, a little Canadian Penny Stock released a new NI-43-101 study, and the stock has been flying ever since. On Monday, August 11th the stock scored a fresh new 52 week high. ¬†While this scares some investors there is another camp that believes a fresh new 52 week high is the best time to buy. The shares are by ... Read More »

Solar3D Stock Gets Ready For The Big Dump

Solar3D stock revs up for massive dilution

As a long time veteran of the penny stock market. The tell tale signs of massive dilution coming are always easy to spot. I always have a soft spot for companies, helping the environment, saving the baby seals, holding hands singing Kum-ba-Ya, etc. And at a glance it looks like Solar3D is just such a company. According to their filings ... Read More »