Hot Penny Stock Sanomedics, Is it Just Hype?


SanoMedics stock has fallen over 90% in the last 2 weeks.  And has been a regular name at the list of Hot Penny Stocks at Hotstocked.  Leading some investors who got caught up in the frenzy of Ebola Stocks sitting on some hefty losses.  The company has been pushing their “No Contact Thermometer” as a potential tool in the fight against ... Read More »

Wave Systems Inc, WAVX Stock Loses Money For Everybody


Wave Systems Inc.  (Nasdaq WAVX) stock has been nothing short of a total disaster for just about anyone who ever got involved.  The stock peaked about 10 years ago at over $60 per share.  And has since been flushed down to a cool $1.33 as of the last trade.  Investors at the peak lost 98% of there money (Roughly speaking) and ... Read More »

Focus Graphite inc. Rocks toward new highs.

focus graphite

Last Friday, a little Canadian Penny Stock released a new NI-43-101 study, and the stock has been flying ever since. On Monday, August 11th the stock scored a fresh new 52 week high.  While this scares some investors there is another camp that believes a fresh new 52 week high is the best time to buy. The shares are by ... Read More »

Solar3D Stock Gets Ready For The Big Dump

Solar3D stock revs up for massive dilution

As a long time veteran of the penny stock market. The tell tale signs of massive dilution coming are always easy to spot. I always have a soft spot for companies, helping the environment, saving the baby seals, holding hands singing Kum-ba-Ya, etc. And at a glance it looks like Solar3D is just such a company. According to their filings ... Read More »