Winbond to Demonstrate Innovative “ShowMe” Family and Security Solutions for Microsoft Windows Vista at WinHec 2006

WinHec 2006 Marks One-Year Anniversary of Winbond’s Acquisition of Advanced PC Division from National Semiconductor

Tel Aviv, Israel — May 22, 2006 — Winbond (TSE: 2344,, the company that acquired the Advanced PC Division from National Semiconductor in 2005, strikes at WinHec 2006 with innovative demonstrations of two Microsoft Windows Vista applications. The "ShowMe" devices and the Safekeeper Security solutions for Microsoft Windows Vista are the result of a collaboration between Winbond Israel and Winbond Taiwan. The products were born out of the Israeli team’s 25-year culture that challenges the status quo, consistently leading to the development of new architecture and partitioning. Demonstrations will take place at booth 428.

“Safekeeper” is the core of "Trusted Computing Platforms" a TPM-based PC security solution, designed to powerfully thwart hackers, theft and the growing global issue of information espionage. Winbond bundles with the solution the EMBASSY® ESC software from Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX)

“ShowMe”, a controller using Windows®SideShow™ technology to implement a sleek, discreet auxiliary display embedded in the PC, so users can access data even when their PC is shut down and closed.    

Both products have been developed by Winbond and are designed to work with the upcoming release of Windows Vista. These technological innovations reflect an impressive brain trust and global collaboration of the best minds in America, Taiwan and Israel.


Thwarting security attacks
Created at Winbond in Israel, a global leader in security, this product is designed to stand strong and tall against hackers trying to access sensitive data by attempting to capture passwords or steal encryption keys. Among its unique features is advanced system authentication, playing a major role in ensuring that only authorized computers can access the network and data.

Winbond recently signed an OEM Software license agreement with Wave Systems Corp (NASDAQ: WAVX), a developer of Trusting Computing solutions and services.  Through this collaboration, Winbond will distribute Wave’s EMBASSY® Security Center (ESC) and Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) software with selected Winbond devices equipped with Winbond’s Safekeeper Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology.

Trusted Computing solutions are based on a hardware security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and support Windows Vista BitLocker technology. The TPM, installed on a PC motherboard, is a unique standards-based (TCG 1.2) device that generates and stores encryption keys.

According to Zeev Heller, Director of Marketing, Advanced PC Products at Winbond, "Bundling Wave System’s software with our SafeKeeper TPM-based products allows end users to fully exploit the power of the TPM chip for data protection, password management, security policy and TPM management and authentication. Ultimately, Wave’s software perfectly helps to complete our TPM products, enabling us to provide our customers with a strong, turnkey PC security solution."

Winbond’s Trusted Computer Solutions product line includes several devices that will support the upcoming release of Windows Vista. The agreement with Wave Systems allows for the development and delivery of a Windows Vista-ready solution.

Benefits of the Wave EMBASSY Security Center applications, as licensed to Winbond, begin with interoperable software across multiple branded computers, meeting platform security requirements and business needs, in diverse IT infrastructures, enabling the adoption of industry-standard security technology.
"Wave Systems offers Trusted Computing software that features interoperability with a broad range of TPM chips on the market," said Brian Berger, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales Wave Systems. " The TPM is the next generation security architecture the industry has developed as the new standard, ensuring that customers can extend the benefits of Trusted Computing, throughout their enterprise, from PCs to servers, storage devices, and trusted network connections and beyond."


Showcasing Windows Vista SideShow Technology
This small, sleek embedded controller was co-developed by Winbond Israel and Taiwanese teams, for auxiliary display in a PC, changing the way PC users interact with their computer, remote control or keyboard.

Windows SideShow technology implemented with Winbond’s new ShowMe Family of products will be the novel technology that PC users, everywhere will be searching for. Windows SideShow technology is discreet and practical, allowing PC users to access their data, even when their computers are off or closed and they are supposed to be impressing their clients, or spouses, with their undivided attention.

The Windows SideShow display is powered independently from the main system.  All data is presented using the .NET Microframework and is synchronized to its host applications by Windows Vista.

Winbond’s “ShowMe” Product Line
Winbond’s comprehensive ShowMe product line includes advanced controllers that enable a full range of solutions, ranging from the basic one-line LCD STN display to the enhanced hi-resolution QVGA LCD. The Winbond product family will comprise the Basic, and Enhanced Windows SideShow devices, offering the PC designer a wide spectrum of capabilities for cached data and on-line solutions.

According to Jonathan Levy, General Manager of the Advanced PC Group at Winbond, "Our ShowMe product family makes auxiliary display a market reality by breaking new ground in cost and performance. We understand the constraints of the competitive PC market, and know what it takes to get this application to volume production. We expect it to be a significant part of Winbond’s PC-related business. We are very excited about the close cooperation with Microsoft on Windows SideShow.

Winbond has adopted Microsoft standards and complies with the Microsoft firmware operating system, to provide PC developers with a straightforward, easy to maintain, and update, extendable solution.

According to Peter Loforte, General Manager, Mobile Platforms Division at Microsoft, "The combination of Winbond’s ShowMe controller with Microsoft’s Windows SideShow technology will add exciting possibilities for Windows Vista users."

About Winbond
Winbond Electronics Corporation, a global corporation based in Hsinchu, Taiwan is a leading conductor of semiconductor solutions. Winbond designs, develops, markets and sells IC solutions to the global electronics marketplace. Winbond’s primary mission is to serve the growing needs of manufacturers of computers, consumer and communication electronics. In May 2005, Winbond Electronics acquired National Semiconductor’s Advanced PC (APC) Division, the pioneer in providing many of the PC Logic solutions. Winbond Electronics has some 5000 employees worldwide with design centers in Hsinchu, Taiwan; San Jose California, and Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more information about Winbond visit

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About Wave Systems Corp.

Wave is a pioneer in hardware-based PC security that provides software to help solve critical enterprise PC security challenges such as data protection, strong authentication, network access control and the management of these enterprise functions.  Wave is a founding member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a consortium of more than 100 companies that forged open standards for hardware security.  Wave’s EMBASSY® line of client- and server-side software leverages and manages the security functions of the TCG’s industry standard hardware security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as well as hard drives that comply with TCG’s “Opal” self-encrypting drive (SED) standard.  Self-encrypting drives are a growing segment of the data protection market, offering increased security and better performance than most existing software-based encryption solutions.  TPMs are standard equipment on many enterprise-class PCs shipping today and have shipped on an estimated 300 million PCs worldwide.  Using TPMs and/or SEDs and Wave software, enterprises can substantially and cost-effectively strengthen their current security solutions.  Visit for more information.

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