Wave Receives Nasdaq Global Market Notice of Listing Non-Compliance

Lee, MAApril 29, 2008 — Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ:WAVX www.wave.com) announced that it received a notice today from the Listing Qualifications division of The Nasdaq Stock Market indicating that the Company’s common stock is subject to potential delisting from The Nasdaq Global Market because the market value of the Company’s common stock was below $50 million for 10 consecutive business days, and, therefore, did not meet the requirement set forth in Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4450(b)(1)(A) (the "Rule"). The notice further stated that the Company is not in compliance with an alternative test, Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4450(b)(1)(B), which requires total assets and total revenue of $50 million each for the most recently completed fiscal year or two of the last three most recently completed fiscal years.

In accordance with Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4450(e)(4), Wave will be provided a period of 30 calendar days, or until May 29, 2008, to regain compliance with the Rule. If at anytime before May 29, 2008, the market value of Wave’s common stock is $50 million or more for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days (or such longer period of time as the Nasdaq staff may require in some circumstances), the Company will achieve compliance with the Rule.

If Wave has not regained compliance with the Rule by May 29, 2008, the Nasdaq staff will issue a letter notifying the Company that its common stock will be delisted. At that time, the Company may appeal the determination to delist its common stock to a Listings Qualifications Panel. Alternatively, if the Company cannot meet the requirements for continued listing on The Nasdaq Global Market, it may apply to transfer to The Nasdaq Capital Market.

Wave Systems plans to exercise diligent efforts to maintain the listing of its common stock on The Nasdaq Global Market, but there is no assurance that it will be successful in doing so. If the Company does not resolve the listing deficiency, the Company may apply for listing on The Nasdaq Capital Market.

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Wave is a pioneer in hardware-based PC security that provides software to help solve critical enterprise PC security challenges such as data protection, strong authentication, network access control and the management of these enterprise functions.  Wave is a founding member of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a consortium of more than 100 companies that forged open standards for hardware security.  Wave’s EMBASSY® line of client- and server-side software leverages and manages the security functions of the TCG’s industry standard hardware security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as well as hard drives that comply with TCG’s “Opal” self-encrypting drive (SED) standard.  Self-encrypting drives are a growing segment of the data protection market, offering increased security and better performance than most existing software-based encryption solutions.  TPMs are standard equipment on many enterprise-class PCs shipping today and have shipped on an estimated 300 million PCs worldwide.  Using TPMs and/or SEDs and Wave software, enterprises can substantially and cost-effectively strengthen their current security solutions.  Visit http://www.wave.com for more information.

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