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TCG-Enabled Crypto Service Provider Streamlining TCG-Compliant Application Development

Wave Systems offers a free evaluation version of our TCG-Enabled Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) developer’s kit which allows developers to easily enable their applications to utilize the enhanced hardware-based security of a Trusted Platform. A Trusted Platform is defined as one conforming to Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards and containing a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip.

By using Wave’s TCG-Enabled CSP, an application developer enables TPM-based security through the standard MSCAPI interface without needing to understand vendor-specific requirements regarding the TCG Software Stack (TSS). The TSS is the software on a Trusted Platform that sits between the secure applications and the hardware.

Product Benefits

By using Wave’s TCG-Enabled CSP, application developers can now:

  • Write an application directly to MSCAPI, utilizing the resident Microsoft OS on the platform, the TSS, and the TPM for cryptography operations.
  • Maintain a common user experience independent of the platform.
  • Enable the computing marketplace by providing compatibility across different manufacturer’s TCG Software Stacks (TSS) implementations and versions.
  • Extend the value of trusted platforms through the enhanced security provided by the TPM module.
  • Achieve immediate disaster recovery and platform replacement capability through compatibility with Wave’s TCG-based products.