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“The contents of the drive are scrambled, making it unreadable even if an attacker disassembles the drive.”

Data Protection

The proliferation of laptop computers for today’s mobile workforce has exposed a vast amount of confidential company data outside the physical office. Rarely a week goes by without the media covering another high-profile corporate data breach—and an unprotected laptop is usually to blame.

The fact is, most organization’s data security policies simply don’t comply with the stringent data security legislation and regulation in place today. For years, software-based full disk encryption was the only option. But it had—and has—flaws.  Poor performance, the time and cost of installation and security vulnerabilities are common complaints.

Superior to Software FDE Solutions

In 2007, Seagate Technology announced the first full disk encrypting (FDE) hard drives, the most advanced full disk encryption solution on the market and one based entirely in hardware. The Momentus 5400 FDE drive offers mobile users better performance, easy deployment and better security than software. The drive is locked, keeping malicious users from accessing data when it is powered off and requiring them to authenticate to their machines before accessing the drive. The contents of the drive are scrambled, making it unreadable even if an attacker disassembles the drive. Drive hardening prevents attackers from using a hardware debugger to obtain access to drive secrets.

Encryption Without Access Control? 

EMBASSY® Trusted Drive Manager provides initialization of the drive and pre-boot access, meaning access is granted in a safe state, before the operating system loads. Trusted Drive Manager comes bundled with Seagate drives available through Dell.

Prove Compliance

Your CFO just lost his laptop. Now what? One of the biggest concerns isn’t just protecting data at rest—it’s making sure an IT administrator can prove data on a specific laptop is encrypted. That’s where Wave’s EMBASSY® Remote Administration Server comes in, providing robust “no touch” administration and audit logs to help ensure compliance with many data protection regulations pertaining to lost or stolen laptops. 

Why Choose Seagate/Wave?

Exceedingly strong security of
Seagate’s DriveTrust technology

  • It’s not vulnerable to traditional software attacks
  • Encryption keys never leave the hard drive
  • Local administrators can’t disable the drive setting
  • Security logs can be used for compliance auditing

Performance matters

  • The Momentus drive operates at the full interface speed of the drive
  • By comparison, software-based FDE can drag speeds by 60 percent
  • Drive begins encrypting “from the factory”

Lower total cost of ownership

  • No overhead costs associated with key distribution and key escrow
  • No additional PC memory or CPU required to offset performance loss
  • Cryptographic erase eliminates traditional costs associated with erasing drives