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About Wave Systems Corp.

Wave Systems is a leading provider of client and server software for hardware-based digital security, enabling organizations to know who is connecting to their critical IT infrastructure, protect corporate data, and strengthen the boundaries of their networks. Wave�s core products are based around the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), the industry-standard hardware security chip that is included as standard equipment on most enterprise-class PCs shipping today. A TPM is a highly secure cryptographic support system. It generates, stores and processes keys, which can be used to encrypt information and harden identities. It provides a broad range of security features, but because the TPM works independently of the operating system, it can serve as a �root of trust,� verifying the integrity of the machine and user.

Wave�s comprehensive suite of client and server tools leverage and manage these capabilities, so any organization can implement a safer, more trusted computing environment within their enterprise today (see Trusted Computing Pioneer). Today, Wave�s flagship software offering, EMBASSY� Trust Suite, comes installed on every business-class laptop computer shipping from Dell.

In 2007, the company expanded its presence in hardware security by joining forces with global hard drive manufacturer Seagate Technology, LLC. Wave is now the leading provider of support and management tools for Seagate�s full disk encrypting (FDE) hard drives, which are available through Dell and other distributors. Fully integrated with Wave�s TPM solutions, the company�s FDE offering delivers a powerful security solution for protecting an enterprise�s high-value information assets.

Wave�s eSign Systems division provides software enabling organizations to create, sign, store, access and manage the lifecycle of legally binding electronic records.

Incorporated in 1988 as Indata Corp., the company eventually changed its name to Wave Systems Corp. in 1993. Wave went public the following year and is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the WAVX ticker symbol. After completing the acquisition of leading endpoint data loss protection solution provider Safend Ltd. in 2011, the company’s employee count rose to 250. They are located in Lee, MA, Cupertino, CA, Princeton, N.J., London, UK, Frankfurt, Germany, and Nantes, France, with a support center in Dietikon, Switzerland. Wave’s Safend subsidiary is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its sales force is dispersed throughout the U.S. and Europe.