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EMBASSY® Trust Suite for Dell Latitude™ E-Family and Precision™ Mobile Workstations

The new Dell Latitude E-Family line of commercial laptops has been re-designed with a focus on security, durability and usability.  Since mobile data security is a top concern for enterprises around the globe, E- Family introduces Dell ControlPoint with ControlVault™, an application framework that provides an integrated and easy to use interface for managing laptop features including system, network and security settings.  

Wave EMBASSY Trust Suite (ETS) is an integral part of Dell ControlPoint (DCP) security management.  Within the framework of DCP, Wave ETS provides management for the security features of self-encrypting hard drives, Trusted Platform Modules, fingerprint sensors and contact and contactless smart cards.

How it Works

The images below illustrate an example of how Wave EMBASSY Trust Suite is integrated within the context of Dell ControlPoint.  As shown, DCP is the end user interface for launching ETS.  Users select which top level features to activate from Dell ControlPoint and then are launched into EMBASSY Trust Suite.  Once within ETS, users have the options of managing full disk encryption and enabling strong pre-boot and multi-factor authentication.

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What’s New in ETS for Dell version 4.0?:

Advanced Windows Logon features for Self-Encrypting Drives:

  • Single sign-on to Windows — increases security while reducing costs associated with password management
  • Windows password synchronization — support for existing password policies ensures ease of use

New Multi-factor Authentication options for Dell preboot including:

  • Contactless smart card support (select models only) – reduces the costs and complexities associated with smart card deployments by consolidating the number of tokens end users have to carry
  • Dell fingerprint or smart card preboot authentication for FDE drives (select models only) — strong multi-factor authentication ensures that your data stays protected

Enhanced Security and Usability for Fingerprint Authentication:

  • Hardware protection of fingerprint templates
  • Streamlined fingerprint enrollment experience
  • Policy-driven options for end-user self-enrollment

Wave EMBASSY Trust Suite for Dell version 4.0 is compatible with the following Dell Latitude™ E-Family and Precision™ Mobile Workstations:

  • Dell Latitude™ E4200, E4300, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6400 ATG, XFR E6400 and E6500 Notebooks
  • Dell Precision™ Mobile Workstations M2400, M4400 and M6400


For more information or to request an evaluation of EMBASSY Trust Suite for Dell version 4.0 please visit us at