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Opal Storage Spec Advances
Hardware Encryption

New disk encryption standards could complicate data recovery
By Lucas Mearian — February 2, 2009

Trusted Computing Group Outlines New Specification Standards for Storage Encryption
SC Staff — January 30, 2009

TCG Spec to be Foundation of Storage Encryption
Posted by Jon Oltsik — January 30, 2009

Disk-Drive Encryption Gets Boost from Opal Standards Effort
By Ellen Messmer, NetworkWorld — January 29, 2009

New Storage Security Specs Promote Hardware-Based Encryption
By George Hulme — January 29, 2009

Hard Drive Makers Settle on Single Encryption Standard
By Shane McGlaun (Blog) — January 29, 2009

Major Storage Vendors Agree to Disk Encryption Standards
By Nilay Patel — January 29, 2009

Coming Soon: Full-Disk Encryption for All Computer Drives
By Lucas Mearian — January 27, 2009

Trusted Storage Arrives!
By Michael Willett — January 27, 2009

Opal Promising Interoperable Disk-Drive Security
By Ellen Messmer, NetworkWorld — January 23, 2009

Better Data Protection from Client to Data Center Made Possible with New Trusted Computing Group Storage Device Specifications
January 27, 2009