Key Transfer Manager
Enabling Trusted Platform Recovery and Replacement

Key Transfer Manager is compatible with EMBASSY Trust Suite Version 3.3 and is included with EMBASSY Trust Suite Versions 4.0 and higher. Intel motherboard owners should refer to your specific motherboard model for compatibility information. Users who are interested in using Key Transfer Manager without having EMBASSY Trust Suite installed should contact Wave sales ( for more information.

With the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standard, user data is protected by keys generated by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip. These keys are very secure; however, they must be recoverable if the hardware fails or when there is a need to replicate a user’s configuration on a new machine. Traditional data backup mechanisms are not able to recover the keys or data encrypted by them. First generation TPM backup mechanisms provided by the computer manufacturer have drawbacks in terms of usability, security and enterprise management. These limitations increase the risk of losing critical data and valuable time.

ETS Purchase or Upgrade to EMBASSY® Trust Suite v4 (for Dell branded PCs only)
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Product Description

Key Transfer Manager (KTM) is a key archive system for end-users and enterprises that need a simple, yet fully featured method to securely archive, restore and transfer keys having migratable properties that are secured by the TPM. For hardware malfunction or for system replacement, KTM provides the assurance to end-users and system managers that TPM recovery will be complete and timely.



Technical Specifications

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