Manual Uninstallation of TVTonic


TVTonic will not uninstall properly from Add/Remove Programs, or the option to uninstall is not available from Add/Remove Programs.


If you are unable to uninstall TVTonic from the Add/Remove Programs list it may be necessary to perform a manual uninstallation to remove the software. Please perform the following steps to manually uninstall TVTonic:
  1. Close Media Center
  2. Shutdown TVTonic Control Panel
    1. Right click on the TVTonic icon in the Notification Area of the Taskbar and select ‘Exit’ from the context menu
  3. Stop TVTonic RSS windows service
    1. From the Control Panel, open Administrative Tools
    2. Launch Services
    3. Right click on ‘TVTonic RSS’ and select ‘Properties’ from the context menu
    4. Click on the ‘Stop’ button
  4. Unregister TVTonic Media Center applications
    1. Launch command prompt as Administrator
      1. Open Start->All Programs->Accessories, right click on ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as administrator’
    2. Execute in Command Prompt
      NOTE: Steps iv. and v. should be executed only if Olympics channels are present. Change path to xml files if TVTonic application data is installed elsewhere. C:ProgramDataWavexpress is the default path.
      1. cd C:Windowsehome
      2. RegisterMCEApp.exe /u /allusers C:ProgramDataWavexpressTVTonicCacheServices59050d55-f9e8-4c2f-97bf-fc73e643080aInterfaceMCMLRegisterApp.xml
      3. RegisterMCEApp.exe /u /allusers C:ProgramDataWavexpressTVTonicCacheServices59050d55-f9e8-4c2f-97bf-fc73e643080aInterfaceMCMLActivateApp.xml
      4. RegisterMCEApp.exe /u /allusers C:ProgramDataWavexpressTVTonicCacheServices34de632c-b3d9-49f8-be20-d34f284e7e37InterfaceMCMLRegisterApp.xml
      5. RegisterMCEApp.exe /u /allusers C:ProgramDataWavexpressTVTonicCacheServices34de632c-b3d9-49f8-be20-d34f284e7e37InterfaceMCMLActivateApp.xml
  5. Delete program files
    1. Launch Windows Explorer
    2. Navigate to installation directory (Default is C:Program FilesWavexpress)
    3. Delete Wavexpress folder
  6. Delete application data files
    NOTE: You may have to turn on ‘Show hidden files and folders to see the application data folder
    1. Navigate to application data folder (Default is C:ProgramDataWavexpress)
    2. Delete Wavexpress folder
  7. Delete TVTonic from Start Menu
    1. Open Start->All Programs->Startup, right click on ‘TVTonic Control Panel’ and select ‘Delete’ from the context menu
    2. Open Start->All Programs , right click on ‘TVTonic’ folder and select ‘Delete’ from the context menu

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Last Reviewed: October 8, 2009


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