Biometric Authentication Fails at Preboot


User has enrolled fingerprint for biometric authentication at Preboot, but the biometric authentication has failed.


System password
When you enrolled your fingerprint for Preboot authentication, you were forced to create a System password. At the Preboot authentication screen, you can press ESC (escape key) to enter the System password.

Admin password
If you created an Admin password you can press ESC (escape key) at the Preboot authentication screen. You will then be able to enter the Admin password.

Forgotten System or Admin password
If you have forgotten your System or Admin password, and cannot authenticate to your computer with biometrics, you will need to contact Dell Support ( to have a master password generated. This master password will allow you to unlock your computer and reset the System/Admin password(s). You will need to confirm your identity as the owner of the computer, and will need to provide your computer’s service tag number, on the Preboot screen. For example: “This computer, #XXXXXXX-XXXX is protected …” where #XXXXXXX-XXXX is an alpha-numeric sequence that will be provided to Dell.

If you purchased your system used and it came with the System password set, you will need to transfer ownership of the system before you contact Dell.

Article ID: PBA-011
Last Reviewed: October 8, 2009


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