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EMBASSY® ProtectorCentralized Removable Media Encryption, Port and Device Control

Despite advances in network security, it is still surprisingly easy to access sensitive data by simply connecting a memory stick or smart phone to an enterprise laptop, or to bridge private internal networks via a WiFi or 3G modem connection.

EMBASSY Protector defends your organization from the risks associated with endpoint data leakage. It’s simple and intuitive architecture provides centralized control and management over encryption of all data on removable storage devices, along-with every physical and wireless port across your enterprise. Plus, EMBASSY Protector comes with pre-configured security policies for regulations like PCI, HIPAA and SOX — so you don’t have to be a compliance expert:

Granular, Centralized Manageability and Encryption

Port Control: EMBASSY Protector lets you intelligently allow, block or restrict the usage of any or all computer ports across the enterprise according to the computer on which they are located, the user who is logged in and/or the type of port. Specifically, EMBASSY Protector controls USB, PCMCIA, FireWire, Secure Digital, Serial, Parallel, Modem (e.g., dialup, 3G, etc.), WiFi, IrDA and Bluetooth ports. For control of wireless ports and interfaces, EMBASSY Protector lets you specify which networks or ad hoc links are allowed access. You can specify the MAC address of the access points, SSID of the network, authentication method and encryption methods to define approved links.

Storage and Device Control: EMBASSY Protector also detects and allows the restriction of devices by device type, model and even by specific device serial number. EMBASSY Protector offers security administrators the option of completely blocking use of all storage devices or permitting read-only access. Additionally, EMBASSY Protector allows administrators to mandate the encryption of all data transferred from organization endpoints to approved removable media devices, such as USB flash drives, Disk on Keys, memory sticks and SD cards, as well as CD/DVD and external hard disks.

File Control: EMBASSY Protector further enhances endpoint security by monitoring and controlling file transfers to/from external storage devices, enabling you to selectively allow or block specific file transfers, generate logs and send real-time alerts about information written to or read from removable media devices or a CD/DVD. This ensures an audit trail of what data is transferred in and out of the organization, and may be used to analyze security incidents, keep track of users’ activity and help you better comply with security regulations.

Key Features:

  • Granular control: Detect and restrict devices by type, model or unique serial number. Control WiFi access by MAC address, SSID or the security level of the network
  • Data awareness: Control the transfer of files both to and from external storage devices according to file type
  • Removable media encryption: Encrypt corporate data in motion on removable storage devices, external hard drives, and CD/DVDs
  • Track offline usage of removable storage: Track file transfers to/from encrypted devices on non-corporate computers
  • Built-in compliance policies: Establish security policies built from detailed configurations pre-mapped to specific regulatory compliance standards, such as PCI, HIPAA and SOX
  • Anti-bridging: Prevent hybrid network bridging by blocking WiFi, Bluetooth, modems or IrDA while a computer or mobile device is connected to the wired corporate LAN
  • Anti-hardware keylogger: Detect and block both USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers
  • U3 and autorun control: Turn U3 USB drives into regular USB drives when attached to organization endpoints, protecting against auto-launch programs by blocking autorun
  • Flexible and intuitive management: Automatically synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory


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