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Wave’s Safend division, a leading provider of endpoint data protection, guards against corporate data loss and theft through its content discovery and inspection, encryption and comprehensive device and port control. Safend encrypts internal hard drives, removable storage and CD/DVDs and provides granular port and device control over all physical and wireless ports. Safends maps sensitive information and controls data flow through email, Web, external devices and additional channels. Safend ensures compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, BASEL II and other regulatory data security and privacy standards. Safend solutions are deployed by multinational enterprises, government agencies and small to mid-size companies across the globe.

Safend’s Data Protection Suite protects enterprises against endpoint data loss, misuse and theft through its single server, single console, single agent architecture. Its modular components can transparently encrypt internal hard drives (Encryptor), granularly control ports and devices and encrypt external media (Protector), Inspect, classify and block leakage of sensitive content through email, IM, Web, external storage, printers (Inspector), Map, classify and locate data stored on organizational endpoints and network shares (Discoverer), Generate detailed graphical reports for compliance assessment (Reporter) and quickly and non intrusively audit an endpoint for past and present connected devices and Wi-Fi networks.(Auditor)

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