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Trusted Drive Manager
Activating Advanced Security Features of Self-encrypting Hard Drives

The EMBASSY Trusted Drive Manager is integrated into the EMBASSY Security Center to activate the hardware-based full disk encryption features of Seagate, Samsung and all available Opal-compliant self-encrypting drives. Self-encrypting drives are laptop hard drives with an on-board security controller and embedded capabilities for media-speed full disk encryption and pre-boot authentication. Self-encrypting drives with security activated using the Trusted Drive Manager protect against data loss due to a lost or stolen PC. The Trusted Drive Manager software activates the security that distinguishes a self-encrypting drive from a standard hard drive.

Management Software for Self-Encrypting Hard Drives

Special Features

  • Initializes Trusted Drive security hardware & firmware
  • Establishes the Trusted Drive “root-of-trust”
  • Provisions pre-boot drive authentication
  • Enrolls the drive administrator and users
  • Backs up the drive access credentials
  • Allows for single sign-on to Windows® and Windows password synchronization
  • Hooks into EMBASSY® Remote Administration Server for remote management

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Security from the Start

A Trusted Drive with the Wave pre-boot authentication feature enforces policy-driven access control immediately as the drive powers up. The pre-boot authentication application displays the pre-boot screen to capture the user’s drive credentials. These credentials are then compared against the credentials that were stored in the drive’s hardware-protected credential cache during user enrollment. Integration with the Windows login process for a single sign-on experience and/or synchronization with the Windows password provide additional flexibility for enterprises and ease-of-use for users without sacrificing security.

Secure and Easy Drive Repurposing

In today’s dynamic business environment, PCs are frequently repurposed when organization structure changes or work is outsourced. The Trusted Drive Manager makes it possible for a drive administrator to destroy the drive’s encryption key. This renders all the data on the drive permanently un-readable. The entire file system is cryptographically obliterated, allowing the drive to be repurposed with confidence that no residual data can be recovered.

Trusted Drive Manager Key Features

Drive Management

  • Initialize/un-initialize drive
  • Instant cryptographic erase
  • Backup of administrator’s credentials
  • Drive locking management
  • Pre-boot authentication configuration
  • Windows Password Synchronization
  • Single Sign-On to Windows

User Management

  • Add user
  • Delete user
  • Reset user password

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Trusted Drive Manager Benefits

  • Enables hardware-based pre-boot authentication to the encrypted hard drive
  • Turns on the advanced encryption features of Seagate, Samsung and all available Opal-compliant self-encrypting drives
  • Provides password and credential recovery
  • Facilitates the instant cryptographic erase feature for secure drive repurposing

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Self-Encrypting Drive Benefits

  • Automatic, transparent data protection based in secure hardware
  • Seamless performance for media-speed full disk encryption
  • Eliminates the complexity of full disk encryption
  • Tamper-resistant pre-boot authentication
  • Secure and instantaneous cryptographic erase
  • Complies with data protection regulations
  • Cost-effective compared to software-based solutions

For more information on EMBASSY Trusted Drive Manager, please contact Wave Sales at

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System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Seagate, Samsung and all available Opal-compliant self-encrypting drives.
  • Note: Due to Seagate hardware restrictions, Trusted Drive Manager is not compatible with the following Seagate models: ST9160319AS and ST9320329AS. These drives do not contain the ability to enable preboot authentication security and cannot be managed either locally or remotely.
  • The Seagate Momentus FDE Drive or the Samsung SSD FDE Drive and the EMBASSY Trusted Drive Manager are available as an option for: Dell Latitude™ D530, D531, D620, D630, D631, D820, D830 and E4200, E4300, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6400 ATG, XFR E6400 and E6500 Notebooks and Precision™ Workstations M2400, M4400, M6400
  • Additionally, Trusted Drive retrofit kits are available for most newer laptop PCs that were not ordered with a Trusted Drive.
  • Self-encrypting drives or retrofit kits must be purchased from Dell in order to use Trusted Drive Manager obtained as part of a Dell PC purchase.
  • Please contact (877) 228-WAVE for more information about Trusted Drive retrofit kits or obtaining Trusted Drive Manager for non-Dell hardware.

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