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Wave for BitLocker® Management Automated Policy Management for Microsoft® BitLocker Encryption

When Microsoft introduced Windows® 7 — its most cutting edge OS to date — the company also ushered in a new version of BitLocker, the industry’s most advanced software-based full-disk encryption (FDE) solution.

BitLocker outperforms add-on, third-party FDE software solutions in two ways. First, it takes advantage of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) — a security chip embedded in virtually all PCs available today — for strong key protection and system integrity verification. Second, its tight integration with Windows 7, Ultimate and Enterprise editions, puts less strain on a computer’s operating resources than third-party software solutions.

In addition, because Microsoft BitLocker eliminates the need to purchase and deploy additional FDE client software, it offers a good entry point for cost-conscious enterprises looking to secure network endpoints.

Yet, despite all these benefits, BitLocker lacks one vital feature: an intuitive, centralized management platform to activate, manage and monitor BitLocker clients across the enterprise.

Organizations that wish to leverage Windows 7 FDE features on a broad scale need to write and maintain their own custom scripts. This costs both time and money and could explain why less than 5% of BitLocker-capable clients actually use the software today.

Maximize BitLocker’s value to your enterprise

Wave for BitLocker Management bridges the gaps in BitLocker’s value to the enterprise — providing a turn-key solution for intuitive, centralized management of BitLocker clients across the enterprise. Thus, it allows you to…

Maximize the value of your Windows 7 upgrade. Wave for BitLocker Management transforms BitLocker’s client-based encryption into an enterprise-wide endpoint security solution. Plus, it provides a smooth migration path for your enterprise to transition to more powerful hardware-based FDE in the future.

Maximize the value of your time. Wave for BitLocker Management simplifies and secures the implementation, maintenance and auditing of BitLocker’s encryption environment. It enables you to minimize or remove the time and expense that IT staff must commit to creating custom scripts for central administration of BitLocker clients.

Maximize the value of your security investment. Wave for BitLocker Management’s simple and intuitive user interface provides a centralized platform for IT staff to set policies, monitor security and report on the state of encryption across the enterprise. It reinforces the security that BitLocker offers by providing automatic management of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), for strong key protection, encryption of BitLocker recovery passwords and centralized monitoring of BitLocker configuration settings. It also allows enterprises to enforce policy-based access controls, compile comprehensive reports on security status and recover end-user access. Lastly, Wave for BitLocker Management allows companies to prove compliance with data breach regulations in the event that a computer (or its hard drive) is lost or stolen.



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